“THE KURDS HAVE NO FRIENDS BUT THE MOUNTAINS.” This age-old Kurdish proverb first confronted our teams when FAI Relief staged short-term clinics in January 2015, months after ISIS sacked territories across western Iraq. Approximately 31 million Kurds spread across 13 countries in and around “the cradle of civilization” constitute the world's largest stateless people and remain one of the most unreached and unengaged people groups on earth. This scorned and marginalized people may very well be the ripest harvest field in the Muslim world. Yazidi and Syrian Kurds face unique challenges following persecution during the ISIS years and Syrian Civil War. 

THE COLLAPSE OF ISIS’ ATTEMPTED CALIPHATE has compounded immense needs that have already existed for generations. Wanting civil infrastructure, underdeveloped educational systems, and inaccessible medical care mean the opportunities to meaningfully engage the Kurdish people for years to come. The psychological trauma of nearly relentless war, multiple genocides, and countless betrayal by the international community can only be met by the truth and advocacy of King Jesus.

FAI RELIEF IS COMMITTED TO BEING BETTER FRIENDS THAN THE MOUNTAINS. Our teams work across the Kurdistan Regional Government, providing diverse care across the Turkish, Syrian, Iranian, and Iraqi borders: food and materials for families facing homelessness, utilities and resources for dilapidated schools, medical care to isolated and impoverished border communities, and medical training for both local clinic staffs and Peshmerga units who have long faced high casualties and mortality rates due to inadequate training.