The Emmaus School of Ministry

(ESM) is a three-month immersion in frontier ministry in the Middle East, North Africa and the Mediterranean Basin.

The ESM is designed to connect people who are burdened for the nations (particularly the Muslim world) with leaders and ministries currently pioneering throughout the Middle East through exposure, apprenticeship, mentoring and mutual encouragement.



Before Jesus entrusted the disciples with the holy mandate to “go into all nations” proclaiming the Gospel of the Kingdom, He walked with them on the road to Emmaus.

There He opened the Scriptures (Luke 24:27, 32), opened their minds (Luke 24:45), and opened their eyes (Luke 24:31) to see His great glory and worth. Their hearts burned within them (Luke 24:32). Compelled by love, they scattered to the far corners of the Roman Empire declaring, “There is another King!” (Acts 17:7)

Our generation has been entrusted with the sublime task of advancing and maybe even finishing what they began: preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom to all nations as a witness until the end (Matthew 24:14). If we are going to be faithful to the call, we need our own Emmaus road encounter.

The vision of the Emmaus School of Ministry is to provide a context—through community, exposure and hands-on apprenticeship—where this kind of transformation can happen.

While opportunities for long-term engagement may arise out of the school (and we hope they do), the ESM is not a formal placement program or an entry program into FAI as an organization.



Phase One (JANUARY 22–MARCH 9)

The first week of the ESM will be spent with the entire FAI family at our Annual Gathering, followed by six weeks in community at one of our FAI outposts in the Middle East. Students will interact daily with an array of leaders and pioneers currently laboring throughout the region while engaging in hands-on ministry together.

Phase Two (March 10–APRIL 20)

The second six weeks will be spent in small groups in three locations in the Middle East to expose students to the diversity of the region and the diversity of ministry leaders, models, approaches and paradigms. 

Students will graduate in Jerusalem.



The tuition of the ESM is $1,000 USD.

Students are also responsible to pay:

  • Rent and utilities for Phase One: $850 per person
  • Airfare and ground expenses for Phase Two: $3,750 per individual, or $5,650 per married couple

Due to the nature and objectives of the ESM, the school is limited to 12 adults. We value family on mission—men, women, and children. We encourage singles and those who are married or married with children to apply. We count a married couple (with or without children) as "1" unit out of the 12. 

TOTAL: $5,600 for singles, $7,500 for married couples/families (this does not include personal expenses or meals).

Tuition and Phase One + Two expenses due are in cash (USD) upon arrival.


*These costs are subject to fluctuation due to the geopolitical nature of locations involved. We will keep students abreast of any changes, but recommend raising more than is required to meet fluid needs.




Submit your Personal Application and $35 Phase One application fee. You may use an app such as Tiny Scanner or Genius Scan to create a PDF of your printed and completed form. Pay your $35 application fee via our online Donate platform or PayPal (, and send the Pastoral Reference form to two pastoral references. Your pastoral references must submit completed reference forms to no later than July 15, 2017.

Send your Personal Application as an attached PDF and proof of application fee payment to:

Phase One Checklist:


Upon initial acceptance, applicants must submit a $50 Phase Two application fee (this means the total application fee is $85) and complete an interview with our school administrators.

*Pastoral References must be submitted by the person making the reference. They may send an attached PDF of their completed form to