Jesus said that the years prior to His return would be marked by unprecedented global suffering. He also said that it would be in that context that the "Gospel of the Kingdom will be proclaimed to all nations (people groups)" before "the end will come" (Matthew 24:4-14). We have reason to grieve over the carnage throughout the region. We also have profound reason to hope.

And we have a clear mandate concerning what we are to do.

The barbaric atrocities committed by jihadist groups from Pakistan to Libya, from Nigeria to Iraq have brought unimaginable misery upon millions of people throughout the 10/40 window. It has also set the context for a great advance of the Gospel in the region.

Before us is an unprecedented opportunity to bear witness to the Gospel of the Kingdom among those most affected by the carnage.


FAI is committed to that end

Our work is short-term, mid-term, and long-term in nature. We believe that short-term relief and evangelism teams who are tethered to mid-term and long-term workers and teams who are embedded in and around conflict zones is the most effective way to engage the region. Everyone has a part to play.


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We want to relieve human suffering.
And we want to make fervent disciples of King Jesus.

By establishing medical treatment centers on the field to provide medical care, food, water, and clothing we are able to present a verbal or written Gospel witness in context to ongoing ministry in the area.


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Consider going. Consider giving.


because Jesus.