"And He went throughout all Galilee,
teaching in their synagogues and
proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom
and healing every disease and every affliction
among the people."

- Matthew 4:23


We are confident from the Scriptures Jesus cares deeply about both our temporal and eternal well-being (Matthew 6:25-33; 10:26-33). He repeatedly healed men, women, and children from life-threatening diseases, life-long ailments, and acute symptoms (like fevers). He repeatedly told them about His Father and the coming Kingdom. Therefore we serve and care for those suffering through great crisis and geopolitical conflict in the same way. Relief and humanitarian aid is a very effective, important, tangible, and finite means of giving an incarnate witness of the Incarnate God. In these tumultuous days of war, carnage, and the disastrous and damaging ambitions of bloodthirsty and wicked men, may it not be said the nations of the earth did not receive a witness of the Prince of Peace.