Like Hudson Taylor's medicine, relief is the means of a missional end. We are living through what the UN is calling the "greatest humanitarian crisis" since the Second World War and slaughter known as the Holocaust. This greatest crisis provides the people of Jesus the greatest opportunity to provide an incarnate witness of the Incarnate God. It is a holy privilege, and we invite you to join us. Find out more about our ongoing work throughout this beloved region so battered by war and conflict.


We believe in the power of mentoring and apprenticeship. Some things must be taught, some things must be caught, and some things must be wrought. We believe in hands-on learning and development. Learn more about our training opportunities.


We didn't pick up cameras hoping to win Oscars. We picked them up to make much of Jesus. Our conviction is that Jesus is the beautiful Creator, and He deserves beautiful art that honors Him. All our films are shot, edited, and released by teams who live as volunteers serving the spread of the Gospel on the frontier, funded largely out-of-pocket, and released for free streaming and download. Here's why and how we are committed to our "free and free forever" film policy.


Like music, literacy and the written word is a gift given to mankind by our Maker. FAI Publishing was founded to resource those who have the Gospel while we finish reaching those who don't. Browse our article library, books, YouVersion Bible Reading Plans, and annual Field Journal.

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