THE NEW GUTENBERG PRESS. The fifteenth-century invention of the printing press unexpectedly cleared a path for the Protestant Reformation less than one hundred years later; William Tyndale’s tireless work to give every English farmer a copy of the Scriptures in his own language was made possible by Gutenberg’s machine. The Reformation had explosive, global impact—bearing the fruit of the Moravian missions movement—because information could go far, wide, and faster than ever before. The internet is the new Gutenberg Press.

TO REACH AND RESOURCE. Our commitment to reach those who’ve never heard the Gospel is complemented by our commitment to resource those who have heard the Gospel. All our films, videos, books, and resource materials are produced to this end and made available for free stream and download. We don’t want 100 people to buy our films. We want 1,000,000 to receive and share them freely. The internet makes this possible.

FREE & FREE FOREVER. FAI is committed to exalting the worth of Jesus Christ among the unreached and unengaged at the end of the age. We will not charge people for this. By sowing into FAI’s media initiatives, you fund the resourcing of the Body of Jesus the world over.