FROM THE CENTER TO THE END. Israel’s call and assignment to be a “light to the nations” (Isaiah 49:6; Acts 13:47) in this age—from the “center of the earth” (Ezekiel 5:5) to its “ends” (Isaiah 24:14-16)—will be fully expressed in the next, when the Son of David rules and reigns from Jerusalem and the nations are healed under His leadership and provision (Revelation 22:2). FAI’s presence in Israel today is a glimpse unto that end, having begun in partnership with the IDF’s Good Neighbor Operation serving southern Syria through the Syrian Civil War.

ARROWS FIRED FROM THE NORTHERN GATE. It it impossible to effectively serve the Muslim world with disdain for the people, land, and nation of Israel. No one can truly or faithfully give a witness of “this Gospel of the Kingdom” (Matthew 24:14) or its “Great King” (Psalm 48:2; Matthew 5:35) with resentment in their heart towards the people of the covenant—and too often, well-intentioned workers hit the region and adopt their new neighbors’ animosity against Israel. To offer a better and more beautiful alternative, our long-term training programs are staged in the north of Israel, nestled against Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan.

A LOCUS FOR MESSENGERS. As an organization, we are committed to resourcing the global Body of Jesus as we labor to reach those who’ve never heard of Him before (Romans 15:20). To this end, our offices in Israel are our staging ground for Gospel messengers moving into the Arabic-speaking world as well as home for the bulk of our media production (film, music, podcast, publishing, etc.).