FROM ONE END TO THE OTHER. India is a land of extremes—beautiful beaches, mega cities, densely populated slums, and two separate conflicts that have been waging war for years: the Kashmir conflict and the Naxalite threat. The Naxalites comprise a left-wing terrorist group operating through what is known as the “red corridor” in India. They challenge state power with violence, while recruiting and coercing tribal people into joining the fight. 

EDUCATION IS A LIFELINE. With most of India’s 1.3 billion-person population under the age of twenty-five and in poverty, we’ve targeted education as a priority need. Our education centers (the first of which launch in 2013) provide a school context for children vulnerable to trafficking, community health education, and women’s resources. We have been able to provide scholarships to young women who’ve graduated with certificates in nursing and midwifery, and are often the first girls in their village to graduate with higher education. This transforms communities.

THE LONG GAME. India’s soil has served as a petri dish of idolatry for generations, as it provided the origin of Hinduism, and refuge for the growth of Islam, Buddhism, and more. Scripture promises Indians will surround the throne in the ages to come, singing “Salvation belongs to our God, and to the Lamb!” (Revelation 7:9-10). We await and work towards this day.