Exalting the worth of Jesus Christ
among the unreached and unengaged at the end of the age


Building Foundations Where There Are None



Inspired by Hudson Taylor's medicinal & missional work throughout the interior provinces of nineteenth-century China, we believe relief is the means of a missional end—so we serve those who are suffering with both a tangible and a verbal witness of the Gospel.

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We believe in the power of mentoring and apprenticeship. Some things must be taught, some things must be caught, and some things must be wrought.

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All our films are shot, edited, and released by teams who live as volunteers serving the spread of the Gospel on the frontier, funded largely out-of-pocket, and released for free streaming and download.

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FAI Publishing was founded to resource those who have the Gospel while we finish reaching those who don't.

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Making Much of Jesus
By Making Disciples

Billions of people alive today still have not heard the Gospel. That needs to change. Jesus is worth it and the unreached deserve it.


FAI RELIEF // our vision

A Better Counter-Insurgency

We as an organization are heavily engaged in relief efforts in Iraq and Syria for two primary reasons: First, it's about Gospel urgency. Citizens of Iraq and Syria are languishing without hope as some of the most unreached and unengaged people on earth between the rock of Sunni jihad and the hard place of Shia expansionism. The Gospel is good news (the best news) and they deserve access to it. Second, it's about Gospel-oriented counter-insurgency. We're not about establishing some kind of Christian militia—we're about making much of Jesus where no one has heard of Him before and presenting a witness worthy of the King who bled for His enemies.

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because life is a vapor. because death is gain. because obedience. because "do not take My Name in vain." because life is Christ. because faith. because gospel. because it's for His glory's sake. because the King will return. because "the greatest of these is love." because psalm seventy-two. because revelation twenty-one. because hope. because this story isn't done. because we're going to make plowshares out of all our swords and every gun. because barrel bombs shouldn't fall. because He took on flesh and blood. because He said go tell them all. because He still does. because nothing matters more than this. because every nation needs a witness. because the unreached deserve it. because so many haven't heard yet. because the manger. because He knelt to wash our feet. because grace. because His blood still intercedes. because the prophecies. because Jerusalem and "blessed is He." because it's not because He needs us. because Zion.

because Jesus.