THE TOLL OF POST-MODERNITY. With seven hundred million people, dozens of languages and nations, and thousands of years to reflect on, Europe is no doubt a dynamic continent. Yet we cannot effectively engage European people groups without considering the impact of post-modernity on what once was home to thriving believing communities. Today, Europe hosts the largest agnostic populations on the planet.

WHISPERS OF A RICHER HISTORY. Yet in times past, Europe herself sent Gospel witnesses to the ends of the earth. Scriptures were first translated for non-Latin-speaking laymen by Europeans. The Reformation was birthed in its heart. The Moravian movement was catapulted from Europe to the furthest corners of the globe.

TODAY, FAI TEAMS SERVE across Europe soberly aware of its present context, but encouraged by the past and hopeful for God’s future and inheritance across this region. Demographics from across the 10/40 Window have sought refuge and asylum within European borders, gathering both disillusioned European agnostics around the table with a variety of Middle Easterners, Asians, and North Africans. We are committed to faithfully sowing the Gospel of the Kingdom back into this dry soil, leaning into the Lord of the harvest to reap His own reward.