SMALL, SIGNIFICANT, AND STRATEGIC. This small island nestled in the eastern bay of the Mediterranean Sea has been a flashpoint of contention, conflict, and military conquest for generations in human history. It’s also where the first people to bring the Gospel to the Gentiles emerged from (Acts 11:20) and where Paul and Barnabas spent significant time. Today, Cyprus is fractured into two zones (Greek Cyprus in the south, and Turkish Cyprus in the north), following the Turkish invasion of 1974.

THE “LAS VEGAS OF THE MIDDLE EAST.” What happens in Cyprus stays in Cyprus; it is a common location for tourism, education, and employment for people groups from the Middle East and Africa. It is also where Turks disillusioned with the Republic flee to, and where young adults from conservative Muslim families hide in to live a more secular life. It has created a context where “anything goes.” Drug use is rampant and dangerously common amongst teenagers. The grimy underbelly of this beautiful country has provided a rich context to engage a suffering population for a disciple-making movement.

DIVERSIFIED STRATEGY. FAI’s teams in Cyprus strategically minister through a variety of platforms: education, orphan care, church planting, and addiction recovery.