We believe that God is sovereign over all things and that His highest ambition is His Son's preeminence in all things. The bedrock of our theology of missions is that Jesus, the "Lord of the Harvest," has "purchased people with His blood from every tribe, language, people and nation" (Revelation 5:9-10). We adore and declare a great God and Savior who is strong, sovereign, and supreme. Therefore, we agree with Samuel Zwemer that, "With God’s sovereignty as basis, God’s glory as goal, and God’s will as motive, the missionary enterprise today can face the most difficult of all missionary tasks."


We believe that apostolic witnesses are birthed, nurtured, commissioned, and sustained in the context of daily, corporate, adoring, intercessory worship and prayer (Acts 2:42-47; 13:1-3; Matthew 9:36-37). “The history of missions is the history of answered prayer…it is the key to the whole missionary problem. All human means are secondary” (Samuel Zwemer). We believe that worship and prayer is not only a means of advancing the Gospel, but the end for which the Gospel is to be advanced. As John Piper has poignantly stated, "Missions exists because worship does not."



We believe that God has ordained preaching as the primary means by which the Gospel is to be communicated to the nations. Frontier missionaries must be able to exposit the Word of God, proclaim the Word of God, and lead others into the same redemptive ministry of Christ-exalting declaration (Mark 16:15; 1 Corinthians 1:17; 1:21; Ephesians 3:7-9; 2 Timothy 2:15).



We believe that the unique dynamics associated with the return of the Lord at the end of the age will soon be upon us. We recognize therefore that the missions movement has a critical role to play among the nations in the transitional decades before His appearing. It is our desire to equip missionaries with a robust premillennial, post-tribulational eschatology to live, love, and lead in the midst of the greatest crisis and glory the earth has ever known for the glory of His Name (Matthew 24:4-31; Revelation 7:9-14; etc). The end-time Church is not called to escape and spectate but rather, to endure (Matthew 24:9-14) and to shine (Daniel 12:1-3).



The task of global missions requires "power" from on high (Acts 1:8). Jesus commanded us to cast out demons, heal the sick, raise the dead, and cleanse the lepers (Matthew 10:8). Jude exhorts us to "contend for the faith that was once and for all delivered to the saints" (Jude 3) in both word and deed. Therefore we pray fervently for "signs and wonders to be done in the Name of Jesus" (Acts 4:29-31) and believe that miracles are a ministry of compassion necessary for the advance of the Gospel among unengaged regions (Romans 15:17-20).



We echo Paul’s ambition in Romans 15:17-23 believing that the declaration of the Gospel to those who have never heard it is a biblical and moral necessity. Missionaries must be equipped with the tools necessary to lay foundations in unengaged regions where there presently are none. History belongs to the pioneers.



While we recognize the value of short-term and mid-term missions, we believe that Malachi 1:11 requires life-long commitments to nations, tribes, and tongues. We desire to marry urgency and longevity in the hearts and minds of pioneer missionaries. We are calling a generation of young laborers to invest their whole lives in service of the Lord among the barren harvest fields of the nations that are now white and ready as ever. It is our ambition to impart a life-long vision to "magnify Christ in our bodies whether by life or by death; for to us, to live is Christ, and to die is gain" (Philippians 1:20-21).