We offer three forms of training:

Short Term

Visit our teams laboring in the Middle East. Sign up for our email newsletters at the bottom of this page to be the first to hear of new opportunities.

Mid Term

The Emmaus School of Ministry is a three-month immersion into life and ministry in the region. Click here to read more. Email us using the form below for more information.

Long Term

We believe in the power of mentoring and apprenticeship. Some things must be taught, some things must be caught, and some things must be wrought. We believe in hands-on learning and development. For more information, email us:


Please include a brief (500-800 words) testimony of how you came to faith in Jesus.
Explain what attracts you to our organization and what you believe we have in common
Please provide a detailed account of your work, educational and ministry background.
Please include 2-3 professional and pastoral references (name and contact information).