“Making Disciples in Conflict Zones”

Making disciples of Jesus is the most important work that we do and support as an organization. Without establishing self-sufficient, self-governing, and self-led worship communities there is no fulfillment of the great commission. The work of making disciples who respond to God in community with other disciples is the end goal of all that we do. Every other branch of Frontier Alliance International is subservient to that vision and goal.

If we succeed as serving the physical needs of a people, but fail to give the salve for their spiritual condition then we are failing at our calling. It is a “pass-fail” issue and not a methods issue amongst organizations. The ministry of the disciple maker (DM) and the ministry of the relief worker are each handles of a two handled plow, they must both be pushed with equal pressure for the eternal gospel to be made known.

In light of this we desire to provide DMs for every Christian humanitarian in the Muslim world. We want to see the important and necessary work of giving physical aid undergirded by the work of establishing worship communities that love Christ most of all. This requires flexibility on both sides and an understanding of the importance of both. A DM who is unable to meet the physical needs of the community he is serving will inevitably lack legitimacy with the people; the relief worker who is unable to meet the spiritual needs of the community he is serving will inevitably lack legitimacy with God. There is only one way for both to succeed in their Christian calling: working together.

We envision a host of medical professionals and humanitarian workers opening wide the door to the bleeding Muslim world. While civil war, Islamic extremism, and political unrest tear much of the Muslim world apart it is our responsibility to obediently pray for, work for, and use open doors into the region. Medical/humanitarian work is one such open door. They can get in, establish legitimacy, and provide access for DMs.

Those who are working to give humanitarian relief need DMs and vice-versa. It is a win-win if they work together and a lose-lose if they don’t. Those who have existing works in place to serve their target people are in need of Christian men and women who can put all their energy towards meeting the unrealized spiritual needs of the people.

The DMs who come through our organization will receive theological and missiological training to know how to work among a new culture in an honest, bold, and clear way. We will also provide coaching to enable them to help the existing humanitarian work as well as to have the proper Biblical value for it. This will help the future connection work smoothly and allow workers on both sides of this Preach & Heal model to give 100% to their respective fields. Relief work is a means to the end goal of disciple making. Making disciples who love, adore, and obey Jesus as he is is our ultimate goal and our ultimate passion.