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This dedicated portal is reserved for our ministry partners who financially support our work throughout the Middle East. Using the words of William Carey, pioneer to India, we're so grateful for those of you who "hold the rope so others can descend into the mine." Below is an update of our four pillar initiatives: relief, training, film, and publishing. We'll update this page several times throughout the year. Here, you'll have access to private reports, video dispatches, and photo galleries to stay informed as to what we're doing with the funds you're sacrificially sowing into this ministry.



The video below is a private message from FAI Founder and President Dalton Thomas and Joey San, Field Director of FAI Relief in Iraqi Kurdistan.

We meet our operational needs through both monthly support and bi-annual fundraising. This summer, we are raising $250,000USD to supplement our monthly income to achieve a number of initiatives outlined below; much of that is needed to expand our regional relief work throughout Iraqi Kurdistan. You can contribute here.

Thank you for your prayers, friendship, and sacrificial giving as we've labored to exalt Jesus in the Muslim world. 




Read our FAI Relief Dispatch roll

Since launching FAI Relief last year, we've served thousands of refugees and IDPs through the course of the Mosul campaign. We are working to build a chain of medical teams throughout Iraqi Kurdistan, from the Syrian border in the west to the Iranian border in the east. This is a historically unprecedented medical presence and no small undertaking. As doors open into Syria, FAI Relief is expanding operations to serve the victims of the 'greatest humanitarian crisis' in our generation and proclaim the precious Name of the King we adore.

In Summer 2017, we are launching a new initiative to serve an isolated, impoverished community in Syria. Read more here.


Our first Emmaus School of Ministry graduated in Jerusalem in May 2017. We immediately opened applications for our 2018 school. If you or someone you know has a burdened love for the Middle East and desires an immersive experience with hands-on learning, apply now.


Last year, we released our fourth feature film into the wild for free stream and download. It is our conviction to make our films available for free forever; here's why and how we can give our films away for free. It is because of your support tens of thousands have streamed, downloaded, or attended a screening event of one of our films. It will encourage you to know that with just one exception, every single Emmaus School applicant submitted an application because they saw one of our films and the Lord stirred their heart to reach the unreached and engage the unengaged with the Gospel of the Kingdom.


While our long-term plans include print works, our existing FAI and Covenant and Controversy online libraries provide extensive resources written and managed by our personnel on the field, with exception to some guest writers. If you've not yet visited these libraries, have a browse.


Thank you for your support as we labor to exalt the worth of Jesus Christ among the unreached and unengaged at the end of the age.