Relief and Medical

“A Relief Worker for Every Disciple Maker”

In light of our target people groups we acknowledge that longevity may not be likely for the honest, bold, and clear disciple maker (DM). Our vision of connecting DMs who are currently on the field with doctors to serve alongside of them has two main purposes. First, it is to fulfill the Christian duty to the weak, sick, widow, and orphan (Is 58; Ja 1:27, 2:15-16). Second, it is to legitimize the work of the DM by providing a tangible service to their target people group.

The Christian duty to the weak, sick, widow, and orphan is made clear in the apostolic and prophetic scriptures. There is no way for the DM to get out from under his duty to those who are suffering in his host country; something must be done for the sake of the suffering and for the sake of the gospel. Our solution is simple: provide humanitarian workers to every DM. They need not exclusively be medical professionals, but may also be educators, farmers, tradesmen, etc. who have a skill set to meet the needs of the DM’s target people group. We use the term “relief” as an umbrella term that covers many vocations, skills, and abilities.

We believe in presenting ourselves to our new cultures and communities with integrity, and living as such to confirm that integrity. Timidity for the sake of staying a little while longer, or ambiguity that could fog the Christian witness are simply unacceptable to us as an organization. We believe there is a better and more Biblical way to stay with the target people. For the DM to tell the truth, be bold, and be clear it is incredibly helpful for him to have something tangible to offer to the people. We aim to make DMs the “hosts” of these medical professionals and humanitarian workers. By making him the host we increase his legitimacy before God and man thus making him more effective.

What Kind of Commitment is FAI Looking For?

Long-Term service is the best case scenario. We consider a 2+ year commitment to constitute as long term. While it is our best case scenario, it is not the only option for those interested in serving. A long term worker would be the community doctor for the target people of the DM. Long term workers provides the greatest measure of care for the community and stimulates the largest amount of trust for Christian workers in the area.

Mid-Term service is a three-month to two-year commitment. The mid-term worker still provides consistent care for those in their communities and has tremendous access to the people. All the goals of the long term worker are still reached although some practical elements of language acquisition and community rapport could suffer due to the anticipated transition of the relief worker.

Short-Term is the most common and also the one we are most careful with. Our vision for short term medical outreach is to have the same relief worker serving in the same area with the same DM for a sustainable amount of time (one to two weeks) making quarterly or bi-annual trips. We are not in a position to turn down strong Christian relief workers, however it is our strong desire that those workers would commit to frequent short term term trips.